Model FH6D-150-KFAE

Model FH6D-150-KFAE

The FH6D is designed for optical seam tracking in automated welding
processes using an arc or laser. The sensor also supports the application of adhesives and other tracking processes. The seam tracking detects the position of the component and forwards the measured values ​​to the tracking machine.

Function description

The triangulation sensor scans the seam shape along the joint without actually touching it and transmits information including gap dimensions, joint edge offset and positioning of the tool relative to the workpiece surface to the robot controller, for example, to correct the overall position of the component. Efficient signal analysis ensures reliable detection, especially on reflective surfaces.

Areas of application

  • stainless steel and aluminium alloys
  • industrial applications such as welding stations
  • Automated production processes: welding, adhesives, etc


  • High reliability by use of state-of-the-art camera technique
  • Approved with high reflective surfaces such as stainless steel or aluminum
  • Three laser lines: thus excellent stability during the acquisition of measurement data
  • Simple to operate


  • Seam tracking for standard joint types (e.g. fillet or T-joint) to correct device tolerances
  • Applicable on all popular and also high reflective material surfaces
  • Immune to electromagnetic effects (EMI)
  • Optical filters used to minimize sensitivity to extraneous light
  • Splash guard with integrated safety glass cleaning
  • Splash-proof housing
  • Safety-glass quick-change drawer
  • Integrated air cooling for the sensor


  • integrated air flushing of protective glass
  • integrated cooling by air
  • working temperature +10°C up to +45°C
  • box splash water protected (IP64)
  • easy and rapid exchange of protective glass
Measuring lines3
Measuring range (W x H)55 mm x 80 mm
Resolution at TCP0.08 mm x 0.12 mm
Working distance sensor head to workpiece (z = 0 mm)150 mm
Working distance from sensor edge rear side (x = 0)10 mm
Work area in Y around TCP (Z = 0 mm)± 27,5 mm
Workspace in Z around TCP (Y = 0 mm)± 45 mm
Work area in Y (at Z = -12)± 20 mm
Work area in Y (at Z = 12)± 35 mm
Work area in Y (at Z = 12)+10°C to +45°C
Laser Power50mW
Laser Safety Class3R
IP Protection Class (with connectors mated)IP64
Dimensions70 x 40 x 100 mm
Mass0.53 kg
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