The RLH-A Basic is a cost-effective solution for hardening and softening surfaces. This versatile system features a built-in temperature control that enables a wide range of applications, from intricate contours to large and complex tasks.

Function description

The process temperature is recorded coaxially to the laser beam at the laser target location and regulated by varying the laser power. This prevents melting of thin-walled components or edges. At the same time, thicker components with higher heat capacity can be sufficiently hardened.

Areas of application

  • Laser hardening and laser softening
  • Hardening of stamping die and tooling parts
  • Hardening of powertrain parts
  • Softening of body-in-white parts


  • Proven Scansonic quality at an affordable price
  • Direction-independent programming for precision hardening of large surfaces
  • Easy handling and setup


  • Temperature control for reproducible hardness properties
  • Modular system design enables a flexible, efficient package for different applications
  • Integrated line projector for exact height alignment

Supported Laser

  • Diode lasers
  • Solid state lasers
  • Fiber lasers


Variable fibre coupling

  • Trumpf-D
  • Trumpf-B
  • QBH

Measuring device

  • Integrated camera-based pyrometer
  • The path of the pyrometer measurement beam is coaxial with the path of the laser beam
  • 1-D linear projection for precise height adjustment


  • Schnellwechselfähig durch eine hochpräzise Werkzeugkupplung
  • Vermessung der Optik, wie alle scapacs®-Geräte, auf entsprechenden Messplätzen


  • Modern, bus-based control strategy
  • Actuators and sensors are bus nodes
  • The RLH controller is the bus master and is separated from the RLH processing head
  • Montage der Steuerung beliebig, bspw. im Betriebsmittelschrank der Anlage
  • The RLH system can communicate with the production facility on different Fieldbus types, such as Interbus, Profibus, Devicenet, Profinet, Ethernet/IP
  • Parameterisation with facility PC that can also be used for handling of laser unit or system PLC
Wave length910 – 1085 nm
Laser power8kW (bis 12 kW auf Anfrage)
Pyrometer+800 bis +1600°C
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