SCeye is an imaging process monitoring system, consisting of a coaxially integrated camera and a process lighting.

  • Fully integrated in Optics
  • Coaxially integrated camera and illumination module
  • Integrated recording and control unit
  • Powerful evaluation electronics for real-time image processing
  • Integration into existing optics

Camera System

Frame rate100 fps
Field of view~ 8 x 15 mm
Interface to ALO3Spannungsversorgung, Feldbus, interner Steuerungsbus

Illumination System

Integrationcoaxially, fully embedded
Process illumination2x VCSEL, gepulst
Laser class of process illuminationclass 4 / 860 nm / max. 16 W
Setup illumination2x LED (eye safe)

Data Processing

Data recording and analysisfully embedded
Internal memoryring buffer for min. 8h processing time
Recorded data (with 100hz)images SA_pos, SA_force, TA_pos, LA_pos; seam no./ part no. / serial no. other field bus signals
Output signals (fi eld bus)warn and fail signals / part ok / seam ok
Data transmissionEthernet (instead of HMI-cable)
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