Maximum speed in minimum space: the KUKA Small Robots are ideal for nearly all applications that call for utmost precision and rapidity, such as for handling delicate components. Special tools can be easily adapted, as all the energy and fluid supply lines are integrated into the robots so that there is no restriction on the axis motion ranges.

All of the Small Robots are also optionally available as a dust- and splash-proof variant, allowing protection ratings of up to IP 65 to be achieved. A further strength is their user-friendly and service-proven KUKA con-troller. This assures system compatibility with other KUKA models, provides a uniform control concept across the entire range, and enables fast commissioning and simple maintenance. The advantages: high planning reliability and security of investment.

TypeKR 5 SCARA R350
Maximum reach350 mm
Rated payload5 kg
Maximum total load5 kg
Number of axes4
Mounting positionFloor
Positioning Repeatability±0.015 mm
ControllerKR C2 sr
Weight (excluding controller), approx.20 kg
Temperature during operation0 °C to +40 °C
Protection classificationIP 40
Robot footprint150 mm x 150 mm
Connection2.35 kVA
Noise level< 75 dB


Axis dataRange (software)Speed with rated payload 5 kg
Axis 1 (A1) KR 5 scara R350±155°525°/s
Axis 2 (A2) KR 5 scara R550±155°450°/s
Axis 3 (A3) KR 5 scara R350±145°525°/s
Axis 4 (A4) KR 5 scara R550±145°720°/s
Axis 5 (A5)200 mm, 320 mm2,000 mm/s
Axis 6 (A6)±358°2,400°/s

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