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The crosshair generator makes it easier to set up the laser process with crosshairs superimposed in the camera image. This visualization of the laser spot helps the operator adjust the application to the actual laser spot and avoid inaccuracies between the pilot laser and processing laser.

Areas of application

  • – Laser welding, laser brazing


  • More precise programming possible with enlarged cut-out view of the target location displayed in image from monitoring camera integrated into the processing optics
  • Use of the camera significantly reduces individual and subjective influence – especially important for real 3D components with differing orientation to the component and the associated projection from the laser point to the component
  • Indirect measurement via crosshair position possible
  • Extremely compact design, variable mounting options
  • Direct connection of a portable TFT monitor


  • Display of origin, main crosshair, laser spot diameter, auxiliary crosshair, process direction and position data
  • Main crosshair with scalable grid
  • Wide range of measuring options between displays
  • All functions individually configurable and switchable
  • Available as an attachment or standalone device
Video signal IN PAL (625l, 25fps, 1Vpp, 75Ω)
Video signal OUT BAS
Power supply 24 V / 1,5 A (via Power-MEKO or via external connection)
Supply camera / TFT monitor 24V / 12V, 1 A
Dimensions with Power-MEKO (L x W x H) in mm 86 x 79 x 80
Dimensions standalone (L x W x H) in mm 86 x 79 x 37
Electrical design Protection IP67 and EMV compatible
Software functions Origin of cross-hair, scalable main cross-hair, spot diameter, two auxiliary cross-hairs, process direction, position data
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