KR 60-3

KR 60-3

The diverse KUKA KR 60-3 is flexible enough to handle several different material handling and removal applications, saving the manufacturer money on equipment.

The KR 60-3 KR C4 has two variants: the KR 60-3 CR for clean-room applications and the KR 60-3 F for foundry processes.

With so much versatility in one machine, the KR 60-3 KR C4 is one of the most cost effective robots on the market today.

Robot Specifications

Robot Mass:665kg
Mounting:Floor, Inverted

Robot Motion Speed

J1128 °/s (2.23 rad/s)
J2102 °/s (1.78 rad/s)
J3128 °/s (2.23 rad/s)
J4260 °/s (4.54 rad/s)
J5245 °/s (4.28 rad/s)
J6322 °/s (5.62 rad/s)

Robot Motion Range

J1+185° – 185°
J2+35° – 135°
J3+158° – 120°
J4+350° – 350°
J5+119° – 119°
J6+350° – 350°
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