ABIMIG® GRIP W 555 D / 555 D TS

ABIMIG® GRIP W 555 D / 555 D TS

MIG/MAG Welding Torches ABIMIG® GRIP W

MIG/MAG welding torches ABIMIG® GRIP W liquid cooled with the innovative two-component handle system “GRIP” combine ergonomics and feel with all common module variations (for switch and control fuctions) as well as “top trigger” solutions. “GRIP” insert and ball joint in the handle guarantees secure grip and optimal handling.

The liquid cooled ABIMIG® GRIP W torches particularly excel in pulse arc welding due to an optimized dual-circuit cooling system that ensures “extra-cool” wear parts and therefore extended service life.

All torches are thoroughly designed to provide comfortable and precise operation.

  • Dual-circuit cooling system with increased cooling liquid flow and novel heat dissipation for optimum power and heat conduction – guarantees less spatter adhesion and therefore extremely extended service life of wear and spare parts
  • Additional torch neck protection through a UV, ozone and temperature resistant protective cover – for longer torch service life
  • The newly developed torch neck and handle system ABIMIG® GRIP with ball joint guarantees optimum balance – even for welding tasks when access is difficult
  • Except the tip holder, all spare and wear parts of the ABIMIG® GRIP W 555 series are compatible with the torch series MB 401/501 – reduced stocking requirements
  • Mechanically resilient and robust tip holder (optionally soldered or changeable) – long service life

* according to DIN EN ISO 14175

  • Rated using power source with VDE standard volt/amp characteristic (U=14+0.05xl). When pulse welding, reduce rating by 35%. Recommended cooling capacity of water recirculator approx. 800 W.
  • Technical data (EN 60 974-7):


Type:ABIMIG® GRIP W 555 D / 555 D TS
CO2:550 A
Mixed gases M21*:500 A
Duty Cycle (%):100
Wire Ø (mm):0.8 – 1.6


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