ROBO Compact W600 (liquid cooled)

ROBO Compact W600 (liquid cooled)

Tough, reliable & economical …

ABICOR BINZEL ROBOTIC SYSTEMS are extending the product range for liquid cooled high performance welding torches for low levels of automation. The innovative ROBO Compact W600 welding torch complements our W600 series of liquid cooled torches as an “entry-level torch” for the high-performance sector of robot welding.

For welding applications that require welding tools of fantastic value and performance, a powerful, robust and highly reliable welding torch is needed. The ROBO Compact W600 torch system shows outstanding technical strengths in industries like heavy machinery, container and shipbuilding as well as for deposition welding. W600 is ideally suited for applications requiring high welding performance and a long duty-cycle.

The ROBO Compact W600 borrows from the proven design and performance of the WH W600 and ABIROB® W600 torch series. Specifically developed for applications with a low degree of automation, the W600 is distinguished by the simple and robust design of the wearing parts and the direct connection of the cable assembly to the welding torch. Maintenance of the welding torch or replacement of the complete torch system is very easy and quick. Simply put, W600 is the perfect tool for welding applications with low degrees of automation!

  • Strong price-performance ratio
  • Compact construction, high performance and highest crash stability
  • Sophisticated cooling technology and optimum gas coverage through a separate gas channel
  • Robust, long-life wearing parts
  • Reproducible complete torch change – simple and fast
  • Tremendous value with low operating costs

Application areas:

  • Commercial vehicle construction
  • Earth-moving equipment
  • Rail vehicle construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Container construction
  • Machine and steel construction


  • Construction steels (coated / non-coated)
  • Chrome-nickel steels
  • Duplex steels
  • Nickel basic materials
  • Mixed compounds
  • Aluminium materials
  • Magnesium materials
  • Special materials

Robot interface:

  • Conventional robot (Cable assembly external): − Robot mount CAT3 − RTM (rigid holder, without crash protection)

* Recommended max. case assembly length 1.2 m when using wire diameter 2.0 mm.

Technical data according to EN 60 974-7:

Cooling:liquid cooled
Rating:600 A CO2

550 A Mixed gases M21 (EN ISO 14175)

Duty cycle:100 %
Wire-Ø:0.8–1.6 mm (2.0 mm)*


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