ABIROB® A 350 GC (air cooled)

ABIROB® A 350 GC (air cooled)

Sturdy, durable & economic …

ABIROB® 350 GC – in the typical design of an air-cooled CO2 welding torch – is mainly used for automated welding in the Asian market.

The changeable torch stands for high capacity and long duty cycles. Its intelligent interface guarantees fast and reproducible maintenance and thus avoids downtimes.

The welding torch system is available for all standard wire feeder connections (ABICOR BINZEL®, MOTOMAN®, PANASONIC®, OTC®)

  • Compatible with Asian CO2 torches
  • Changeable torch neck with intelligent pin fixing reduces line downtimes and costs
  • Optimum temperature behaviour guarantees long service life for wear parts
  • High-grade cable assemblies guarantee a long service life
  • Sturdy torch design provides high crash stability

Typical areas of application:

  • Automobile construction
  • Suppliers (Tier 1, Tier 2)
  • Bicycle industry
  • Container construction


  • Construction steels (coated / non-coated)
  • Chrome-nickel steels
  • Duplex steels
  • Nickel basic materials

Robot interface:

  • Conventional robot (Cable assembly on the outside): −Robot mount CAT2 −Fixed bracket RTM
  • Hollow wrist robot (Cable assembly on the inside): −Robot mount iCAT −Bracket iSTM (for robots with integrated collision software)
  • Hollow wrist robot (Cable assembly on the outside): −Robot mount CAT2 −Fixed bracket RTM

Technical data according to EN 60 974-7:

Cooling:air cooled
Rating:350 A CO2

300 A Mixed gases M 21 (EN ISO 14175)

Duty cycle:100 %
Wire-Ø:0.8 – 1.2 mm


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