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WiseFusion optimized welding function produces a very narrow and energy dense welding arc making welding faster and heat input lower. Focused penetration area allows the welding of narrow and deep grooves. WiseFusion results in excellent penetration without a risk of undercut. Narrower arc also facilitates weld pool control in position welding. WiseFusion ensures optimum arc length eliminating the need for constant parameter settings. Adaptive and automatic arc length regulation maintains the arc always within the short circuit boundaries and raises your arc-on time.

  • Higher welding speed
  • Lower heat input resulting in less distortion and better mechanical properties of the weld
  • Possibility to weld narrower and deeper grooves
  • Excellent weld pool control in position welding
  • Easy to weld in all positions
  • Automatic arc length control granting always the right parameters
  • Easy to use
  • Uniform weld quality

A welding function that ensures consistent weld quality in all positions by automatically regulating arc length. Creates and maintains an optimal short-circuit characteristic in pulsed MIG/MAG and spray-arc welding.

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