A7 Power Source 450

A7 Power Source 450

A7 MIG Welder is the state-of-the-art solution for robotic arc welding, ideal for integration with any robot brand. It is a complete, perfectly balanced process package that includes a welding gun, wire feeder, power source, and cooling unit. The equipment is designed to meet the highest Kemppi standards, which guarantee reliable welding performance with no compromises.

The Kemppi Wise software provides added value for customers by significantly improving welding speed, boosting production efficiency, and enabling the same equipment to be used for a variety of welding tasks.

The system’s modern, browser-based user interface allows easy access to the power source from a standard computer with a regular browser. This enables unprecedented savings in setup time and provides quality control benefits throughout the equipment’s life cycle.

  • Quick and easy integration with any robot brand with modern fieldbus hardware modules.
  • Access to the power source from an external computer via ethernet with a regular web browser. No extra programs needed. Enables radical savings in setup time, as well as quick and easy parameter configuration, system management, and monitoring throughout the equipment’s life cycle.
  • Increased productivity and a short payback period thanks to the Wise software and a wide range of available functions. Wise processes are fine-tuned and pre-set to optimize productivity with welding speeds typically used in automated welding. The same equipment can be used for a wide variety of welding tasks and applications.
  • A comprehensive, completely balanced package from one supplier results in significant savings in time and effort when integrating the arc-welding package with the robot application.
  • Suitable for any industry using robotic welding for thin and thick mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum components.
  • Enhanced arc ignition functionality (Touch Sense Ignition) delivers minimum spatter and stabilizes the arc immediately after ignition.
  • The robust wire feeding casing with integrated wire feeder controller electronics enables faster and more accurate control with better resistance to external interference.
  • An integrated gas-flow sensor in the wire feeder enables the shielding gas flow to be monitored closer to the arc by default – no need for additional sensors.
  • Search voltage level for the system can be set up freely from web browser interface

A7 MIG Welder 350 and 450 are welding power sources designed for demanding professional use in robotic welding systems. They are suitable for synergic pulsed MIG/MAG, synergic 1-MIG and basic MIG/MAG welding, as well as the modified WiseRoot+™ and WiseThin+™ processes. The robot interface unit on top of the power source handles the communication with a robot and contains all necessary connections to integrate with a welding cell.

Product code6201450
Connection voltage 1~ 50/60 HzN/A
Connection voltage 3~ 50/60 Hz400 V, -15 %…+20 %
Fuse (delayed)35 A
Minimum generator power35 kVA
Welding range20 A / 12 V – 350 A / 46 V
Output 60% ED450 A
Output 100% ED350 A
Mains connection cable4G6 (5 m)
Supply current (maximum)32 A
Supply current (effective)25 A
Idle power25 W
Power factor at max. current0.88
No-load voltage (peak)U0 = 80 V – 98 V
Open circuit voltage85 V -103 V
Efficiency (100 % duty cycle)87 %
Minimum short circuit power Ssc of supply network5.5 MVA
Max apparent power22 kVA
Power supply for cooling unit24 V DC / 50 VA
Power supply for auxiliary unit50 V DC / 100 W
Operating temperature range-20…+40 °C
External dimensions LxWxH610 × 240 × 520 mm
Weight (no accessories)40.2 kg
Degree of protectionIP23S
Weight (with connection cable)42.6 kg
EMC classA
Storage temperature range-40 … +60 °C
Temperature class155 (F)

A7 MIG Gun 500-w

  • Water-cooled robotic welding gun package offering exceptional precision. Choose a suitable type from hollow wrist or non-hollow wrist versions to match your needs. This gun can be used with all common robot brands and can be equipped with shock sensor modules.

A7 MIG Gun 500-g

  • Gas-cooled robotic welding gun package offering exceptional precision. Choose a suitable type from hollow wrist or non-hollow wrist versions to match your needs. This gun can be used with all common robot brands and can be equipped with shock sensor modules.

A7 Cooler

  • Cool X cooling unit for liquid-cooled setups is the ultimate choice providing 1 kW of cooling power with 3 liters of cooling liquid. Equipped with a pressure gauge instead of a flow meter.
  • Product code: 6068220 Cooling liquid – 10 liter can – SP9810765

Stand for power source

  • For easy transport and keeping floor free under welder.
  • Product code: 6185295

Wire Feed Roll Kit

  • Product code: See technical specifications

Robot interface module

  • Fieldbus communication between power source and robot controller is enabled with modules. The protocol can be chosen based on customer preference.
  • Product code: See technical specifications

Interconnection cables for A7

  • The interconnection cable set contains several cables and hoses. It is used for delivering the welding power, shielding gas, cooling liquid, and control signals from the welding power source to the wire feeder. Interconnection cable set is available in a zipper bag or a corrugated sleeve, and it is attached to the robot arm with brackets.
  • Product code: See technical specifications

Interconnection cable brackets

  • Product code: See technical specifications

Earth return cable 70

  • Product code: 6184711 (5 m, 70 mm2), 6184712 (10 m, 70 mm2), 6184713 (15 m, 70 mm2)

Wire conduit for wire spools

  • High quality wire conduit delivers the filler wire smoothly from wire spool to wire feeder. Male connectors on both ends fit to Kemppi feeder and Kemppi wire spool support. Order codes does not include female snap connector for wire spool holder or wire drum. It must be ordered separately. In case of stainless steel or aluminium, a separate chili liner is also required.
  • Product code: See technical specifications

Wire conduit for wire drums

  • Alternative solution for wire conduit when distance between wire feeeder and wire drum is greater than 5 meters. NOTE: When ordering W005195 with the desired length, you also need snap connectors: two male (W005197) and one female (W005189).
  • Product code: See technical specifications

Snap connector for wire conduit (male)

  • Male connector for wire conduit, two pieces needed per conduit.
  • Product code: W005197 – two pieces needed per conduit

Snap connector for drum or spool holder (female)

  • Female connector for the wire drum or spool holder.
  • Product code: W005189

Wire spool holder

  • Suitable for standard 15 kg wire coil. NOTE: Female connector for wire conduit not included. Must be ordered separately.
  • Product code: W007628 (right), W007629 (left)

Protective cover for wire spool

  • Plastic cover for wire spool holder.
  • Product code: SP007940

Floor stand for wire spool holder

  • Floor stand for wire spool holder.
  • Product code: W007356

Wire feeder mounting brackets for A7

  • Brackets for mounting the wire feeder on the robot’s 3rd axis. The design is robot model specific. Order code includes metal plates, insulation rings and screws. Screws for robot’s 3rd axis are not included.
  • Product code: See technical specifications

Welding gun cleaning station

  • Regular mechanical cleaning of the internal surfaces of the gas nozzle provides steady and good shielding gas flow for welding. Helps to avoid spatter to form electrical connection bridges between contact tip and the gas nozzle.
  • Product code: SP600674 Equipped with wire cutter, gas nozzle inside reamer and anti-spatter spray unit; order code includes reamer setup for both gas and water cooled nozzles.

Mounting kit A7 dual feeder

  • For non-hollow wrist robot models and applications where welding gun exchange unit is used this set enables use of two wire feeders and one power source combination. Switching between two wire feeders can be done from robot controller. The kit includes a wire feeder switching card, a flat band cable, and a harness with connectors for the wire feeder and for the mother board of the robot interface unit.
  • Product code: SP013699
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