Kempact Pulse 3000

Kempact Pulse 3000

Kempact 2530 is 70 % lighter in weight than traditional step regulated machines. Electronic control of voltage and wire speed allows arc tuning during the welding process, so you can quickly establish the desired weld settings. Includes gun trigger latching and wire inch function.

Kempact Pulse 3000 features synergic, pulsed and double-pulsed welding. Standard programs suit a variety of materials including Fe, FeMc, FeFc, St/St, Alu, CuSi3, CuAl8 fillers wires. Simply select the filler wire type, size and plate thickness, and weld. For those regular welding jobs, there’s even a 100 channel memory function.

When the heat is on, keep your gun cool with KempactCool 10. Optional fit for Kempact Pulse 3000 only.

  • Basic MIG/MAG model
  • Synergic pulsed model
  • 4-roll wire drive system
  • Electronic power regulation
  • Maximum output at 40 % duty cycle
  • Light weight: 22 kg
  • Suitable for power generator use
  • Kemppi 3+ warranty for parts and labour

Kemppi K5 MIG/MAG welder that offers synergic, pulsed and double-pulsed welding modes. Provides maximum output at 40 % ED that keeps you welding for longer. Includes a 4-roll wire drive system. Available also as MVU model.

Product code621830002
Connection voltage 3~ 50/60 Hz400 V ±15%
Fuse (delayed)16 A
Welding range20 A / 15 V- 250 A / 26.5 V
Output 40% ED250 A/26.5 V
Output 60% ED207 A/24 V
Output 100% ED160 A/22 V
Open circuit voltage56 V
Wire feed mechanism4-roll
Wire feed speed adjustment1…18 m/min
Gun connectionEuro
Filler wire sizes (Fe solid)0.6…1.2 mm
Filler wire sizes (Fe cored)0.9…1.2 mm
Filler wire sizes (Al)0.9…1.2 mm
Filler wire sizes (CuSi)0.8…1.0 mm
Operating temperature range-20…+40 °C
External dimensions LxWxH580 × 280 × 440
Weight (no accessories)22 kg
Degree of protectionIP23S
StandardsIEC/EN 60974-1, IEC/EN 60974-5, IEC/EN 60974-10
Wire spool weight, max.15 kg
Wire spool diameter, max.300 mm

KempactCool 10

  • Cooling unit suitable for use with Kemppi Kempact Pulse welding equipment. KempactCool 10 performs 1 kW of cooling power with a three liter tank that can be filled with 20%-40% ethanol/water mixture, or any other suitable antifreeze agent.
  • Product code: 6218600

Flexlite GX 

  • Flexlite GX product series contains welding guns to be used in MIG/MAG welding processes. All Flexlite GX welding guns enjoy the Flexlite features for user comfort, welding efficiency and extended consumable parts life.

Earth Return Cable

  • Earth return cable, available 50 mm² and 70 mm² thick and 5 m long.
  • Product code: 6184511 – Earth return cable 50mm2 5m 6184711 – Earth return cable 70mm2 5m

ST 7

  • Suitable for FitWeld 300 and Kempact Pulse 3000.
  • The ST 7 is a 2-wheel transport unit suitable for mid-size and large gas bottle sizes.
  • Product code: 6185290

GXR10 – gun remote

  • On-torch remote control for Flexlite GX series 5 welding guns allows accurate and immediate welding current adjustment and memory channel selection.
  • Product code: GXR10
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