Welding Mask Gamma 100A

Welding Mask Gamma 100A

Gamma welding helmet and extended head protector offers premium protection for your eyes and face in working environments where respiratory protection is not needed. Auto-darkening welding lens offers maximum vision and safety for welding, grinding, and inspection processes.

A separate leather protector option for the neck and shoulders is available for use with a Gamma welding helmet. Market-leading features ensure comfort and usability in all welding tasks.

  • Flip-up welding visor
  • SA 60 automatic welding filter
  • 198 cm² grinding visor with 170° work site view
  • GapView welding visor setting
  • Axis regulator tunes eye-line perspective
  • Certified for welding and grinding work
  • Magnifying lens options

Gamma welding shield for working environments where respiratory protection is not needed. Contains the SA 60 ADF lens and all Kemppi comfort features.

Product code9873090
Weight775 g
Operating temperature-5…+55 °C
EN 175B
Welding filterSA 60
View size102 x 60 mm
Filter dimensionCustomized
Shade range5, 8, 9-13
ADF light state4
ADF switching time0.1 ms
LiFE+ Color (yes/no)Yes
Grinding fuction (yes/no)No

SA 60

  • Auto-darkening welding filter with a clear vision and large view. LiFE+ Color ADF technology provides greater clarity of vision, and remote control buttons make adjustment simple without taking the helmet off. Shade range: 5, 8, 9-13.
  • Product code: SP012422

Extended head protector

  • An extended head protector is available for Gamma welding helmets and welding respirators.
  • Product code: SP020921

Universal leather neck protector

  • Protecting the neck and shoulders from welding spatter and grinding, the universal leather neck protector can be used with all Kemppi personal protection equipment and the wider welding market.
  • Product code: SP015579
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