The FSO is designed for front-side laser welding of extremely short flanges at high processing speeds with maximum strength. This saves material and reduces the weight of the welded product. At the same time, the process gives users a high degree of design freedom.

Function description

Optical seam tracking, clamping technology and positioning scanners are fully integrated into the FSO processing optics. The seam tracking works with the positioning scanner to ensure precise positioning of the laser beam between the front sides of two sheets. This compensates for positioning and manufacturing tolerances as well as for deviations in the ideal robot path when creating the edge seam. The FSO can also be used to join multiple sheets in a single process step.

Areas of application

  • Laser welding
  • Joining of flanges of nearly all sheet metals
  • Coated sheets (AlSi, Zn, etc.) weldable without gap


  • High profitability
  • Reduction of flanges and thus reduction of material and weight possible
  • Extremely low component distortion
  • High welding speed
  • Multi-layer joints
  • Integrated clambing technology enables various models in one assembly line


  • Plug & play processing system
  • Easy robot communication through autonomous systems
  • No elaborate sensor-robot-interface necessary
  • Scanner with very dynamic adjustment reaction
  • Parameterization via separate parameterization software (GUI)

Supported Laser

  • Fibre laser
  • Disc laser


  • Fiber couplings for the following types of fiber optic cables: Trumpf-B, Trumpf-D, Optoskand, QBH
  • Fieldbus types: Profibus, Interbus, Profinet, Devicenet, Ethernet/IP
  • Interface laser power: various current and voltage interface


  • In progress: SCEYE observation camera and process logging
  • Velve terminal for cross-jets and cone jets
  • Pressure technology
Power supply400V with 6A / ± 24V max. 55A
Weight60 kg (complete set-up)
Operating wavelength1030 … 1080 nm (disc laser to fibre laser)
Permissible laser powermax. 8 kW
Total angle of divergence Φ; BPPΦ = 250 mrad (99 % of power capacity); BPP ≤ 25 mm∙mrad
Current magnification factor1:2.9
Field size y x z± 5 mm x ± 5 mm
Positioning accuracyX = 0,1 mm / Y = 0,1 mm / Z = 0,5 mm
IP protection degre64
Laser protection class4
Clamping / clamping forcefloating/ up to700 N(controlled)
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