The KR QUANTEC ultra is the most powerful, stiff and precise robot in the KR QUANTEC series. It offers maximum power in every position and is as dynamic, streamlined and efficient as the other family members. The KR QUANTEC ultra is also the ultimate in high-performance shelf-mounted robots. With its payload capacity of 300 kilograms and a maximum reach of 3,100 millimeters, the KR QUANTEC ultra is the strongest, most compact industrial robot. As such, the KR QUANTEC ultra has the highest power density currently available in the high payload range for the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, you can choose from various mounting positions and versions – such as the Foundry variants for areas with a high level of contamination, high humidity and high temperatures. Six shelf-mounted variants are also available.

Number of axes                   6-axis

Mounting                               floor-mounted

Application domain            for heavy loads

Other characteristics         high-precision, short cycle time, compact

Payload                                  120 kg, 150 kg, 210 kg, 240 kg, 270 kg (264.555 lb)

Reach                                     2,901 mm, 3,101 mm, 3,301 mm, 3,701 mm, 3,901 mm (114.21 in)

Repeatability                        0.06 mm (0.0024 in)