AutoCar Track Orbital Welding System

AutoCar Track Orbital Welding System

AutoCar System is specially designed for pipe to pipe/elbow/flange/Tee joint TIG orbital welding. Select different track size to adapt workpiece OD range from 250mm to above. This system is suitable for root pass welding, filling and capping pass welding.

It has AVC/OSC functions, the most common application of AutoCar is liquefied petroleum gas pipeline on site, petroleum pipeline on site and pipe pre-fabrication in plant.

  • 6-axis functional control (Gas, Current, Rotation, Wire feeding, AVC, OSC).

  • Low skill requirement on operator;

  • AVC function is available, reduce the operating difficulty;

  • Using double water cooling torch for big OD and thick wall pipe welding;

  • High efficiency, high productivity;

  • Aesthetic formation, even weld width;

  • Stable wire feeding based on a short wire feeding distance designed structure;

  • Few consumable parts and easy to replace, save considerable amount of investment.

Powersource                    iOrbital5000-K
Tube OD (mm)ᶲ250 – ᶲ830
MaterialCarbon Steel/Stainless Steel
Duty Cycle300A 65%
Tungsten (mm)Φ 3.2 Standard
Wire (nm)Φ 1.0
OSC Stroke (mm)60
AVC Stroke (mm)60
Max. Wire Speed1800 mm/min
Shielding GasArgon
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