KempGouge ARC 800

KempGouge ARC 800

KempGouge offers 800 amps of gouging power with 50% duty cycle. The characteristics curve is specifically designed for carbon arc gouging, so gouging properties are optimised and noise levels kept very low. KempGouge lets you open roots or faulty welds, prepare welding grooves, cut metals, pierce holes, clean casts and remove excess metal.

KempGouge ARC 800 gives productivity and convenience to gouging work. When equipped with the optional R10 remote control unit, gouging current adjustment can be made directly from the work site, removing the need to move between the work piece and the power source. The carbon arc gouging electrode holder GT4000 is designed for use with the KempGouge and suits either round or flat electrodes. The air pressure used for gouging can be adjusted via the control mounted on the holder itself.

Package includes power source, control panel, and transport unit for easy mobility.

  • Designed specifically for carbon arc gouging
  • Extremely power efficient
  • Compact and easy to move
  • Panel or remote current  adjustment

Connection cable 5 m 4x16mm²

  • Product code: W000869

Connection cable 10 m 4x16mm²

  • Product code: W003408

Earth return cable 5 m, 120 mm²

  • Product code: 61841201

Earth return cable 10 m, 120 mm²

  • Product code: 61841202

GT 4000 Electrode holder

  • Product is intended to be used in carbon-arc gouging. It is suitable for use with the KempGouge™ ARC 800 arc gouging machine. The gouging carbon used in the electrode holder can be round or flat. The air pressure used for gouging can be adjusted by the control knob on the electrode holder.
  • Product code: 6285400

Remote control R10

  • Suitable for use with Kemppi MIG, TIG, and stick (MMA) welding equipment. Available in 5 m and 10 m.
  • Increase welding quality, work efficiency, comfort, and safety with appropriate, easy-to-use Kemppi remote controls.
  • Product code: R10, 5 m – 6185409 R10, 10 m – 618540901

Remote control extension cable 10 m

  • Product code: 6185481
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