Optimized arc characteristics for different transfer modes make MIG welding of carbon steels easy and efficient with WiseSteel. For example, thanks to the intelligent control system, challenges related to the globular transfer are now tackled. This is achieved by alternating short arc transfer with spray transfer, which reduces spatter by up to 30%, increases travel speed, and produces high-quality welds characterized by regular fish-scale pattern.

In short-circuit transfer, WiseSteel adaptively improves the arc stability, thus providing better out-of-position welding capabilities. Moreover, micropulsing of the current and voltage in spray transfer mode constricts the arc increasing travel speed by up to 30%.

  • Easier weld pool control in the PF position and precise heat input control on the weld pool sides, enabling higher travel speeds
  • Less welding spatter and higher travel speed compared to standard globular arc welding
  • High-quality welds with regular fish scale pattern in globular transfer mode
  • In spray transfer mode, the welding speed increases and heat input decreases compared to standard spray arc welding because of precise micropulsing of the arc

A welding function especially designed to tackle the challenges of globular transfer. WiseSteel alternates short arc transfer with spray transfer, which produces sound welds characterized by a regular fish-scale pattern.

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