Master 315 G

Master 315 G

Master 315 is a stylish and practical stick welding machine, capable of absorbing the knocks and impacts of everyday welding life. Premium-class stick welding is characterized by reliable ignition, arc stability, and suitability for all electrodes, including cellulosic.

Lightweight and compact, the Master 315 is constructed from tough injection-molded plastic, featuring impact bridge protection structures, making it your reliable partner for workshop or site use.

Master 315 guarantees optimal welding performance and fast parameter setting, supported by the innovative Weld Assist menu selection tool. Weld Assist ensures suitable parameters are set for each application, regardless of your welding experience. Select the electrode type, electrode size, and joint type, and Weld Assist makes the perfect setting for you.

Stick welding may be a basic welding process, but Master 315 adds the extra to the ordinary in a perfect blend for professional welding.

  • 60 % faster parameter setting with Weld Assist selection tool
  • Bluetooth wireless remote control extends usability and removes safety trip hazards
  • A full-color 7-inch TFT display ensures the best user experience
  • Suitable for all electrode types
  • Special welding program for cellulosic electrode welding
  • 99 memory channels for saving welding parameters or WPS values
  • When connected to Flexlite TX223GVD134 TIG torch Master 315 provides an excellent power source for quality DC TIG welding
  • Made from strong and recyclable plastics protecting the power source from the everyday knocks
  • Separate models for generator use, multi-voltage applications and VRD
  • The power source is easy to combine with optional Kemppi transport units

300 A stick welding power source suitable for generator use. Equipped as standard with a full-color 7-inch TFT display. When connected to a Flexlite TX 223GVD13 torch, Master 315 provides an excellent power source for quality DC TIG welding.

Product codeM315G
Connection voltage 3~ 50/60 Hz380…460 V ±10 %
Stick electrode sizes1.6…7.0 mm
Welding range (MMA)10…300 A
Welding range (TIG)3…300 A
Power factor at 100 % ED0.89
Max. welding voltage63…89 Vdc
Recommended generator power (min)20 kVA
Open circuit voltage (average)50 V
Operating temperature range-20…+40 °C
External dimensions LxWxH544 x 205 x 443 mm
Weight (no accessories)21.4 kg
Degree of protectionIP23S
StandardsIEC 60974-1,-3,-10, IEC 61000-3-12, GB 15579.1
EMC classA
Rated maximum output at 40 °C (40 % TIG)300 A / 22 V
Rated maximum output at 40 °C (60 % TIG)260 A / 20.4 V
Rated maximum output at 40 °C (100 % TIG)220 A / 18.8 V
Rated maximum output at 40 °C (40 % MMA)300 A / 32 V
Rated maximum output at 40 °C (60 % MMA)260 A / 30.4 V
Rated maximum output at 40 °C (100 % MMA)220 A / 28.8 V
Efficiency at 100 % ED0.87

TX 223GVD13

  • 200 A, gas-cooled, Gas valve, DIX 13, Large torch head
  • Product code: TX223GVD134 (4m


  • 2-wheel cart with floor level cylinder loading.
  • Product code: T25MT


  • 4-wheel undercarriage.
  • Product code: P43MT


  • 4-wheel cart with an innovative pivoting cylinder plate.
  • Product code: P45MT


  • Wired hand remote control.
  • Product code: HR43

HR45 – wireless remote

  • Wireless hand remote control. Bluetooth range up to 100 meters.
  • Product code: HR45


  • Wired foot pedal remote control.
  • Product code: FR43


  • Wireless foot pedal remote control. Bluetooth range up to 100 meters.
  • Product code: FR45

Earth return cable 5 m, 35 mm²

  • Product code: 6184311

Earth return cable 5 m, 50 mm²

  • Product code: 6184511

Welding cable 5 m 35 mm²

  • Product code: 6184301

Welding cable 5 m 50 mm²

  • Product code: 6184501

Electrode holders – electrode holders

  • Product code: Kemppi 300 – 9871021, Kemppi 400 – 9871031, Urania 5 – 9871041, Urania 6 – 9871051, Myking 200 – 9871060, Myking 450 – 9871070, Myking 600 – 9871080
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