WiseRoot is an optimized short arc process for root pass welding without backing. The process is highly effective being significantly faster than stick (MMA), TIG and standard MIG/MAG short arc welding, yet producing high quality welds. The welding of fixed pipes in any position is possible and groove angle can be reduced by even 40%, depending on the application.

A stable and efficient arc resulting in excellent weld quality is enabled through precise real time voltage measuring, current control and right in time filler metal droplet releasing. Filler metal transfer is smooth and spatter-free. WiseRoot is a MIG/MAG welding process 131, 133, 135 or 138 according to standard EN ISO 4063.

  • Increases welding speed compared to MMA, TIG and standard MAG short arc welding
  • Gives the possibility to reduce groove volume
  • Allows wide range of root gaps and faces without incomplete or excessive penetration
  • Easier to learn welding technique
  • No need for backing ring
  • Less spatter
  • Allows welding of fixed pipes in all positions
  • Allows welding of rotated pipes
  • Allows welding with long cables
  • Processes can be used with different materials; steel, stainless steels and high alloyed steels
  • In WiseRoot+ excellent arc characteristic also with CO₂
  • Wide selection of wire diameter (0.8 – 1.2)

Kemppi Wise welding process for automated welding.

Product code9991011 (KempArc)
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