TC series welding heads are especially designed for autogenous welding of tubes without filler wire; their different sizes cover a range of diameters from 6.35 mm to 168.3 mm (ANSI 1/8“ to 6 5/8″). TC series weld heads are compatible with Huaheng welding powersource Tube Master 200, iOrbital 4000 and iOrbital 5000. Besides austenitic stainless steel, metals susceptible to oxidation like titanium or zirconium and their alloys can be welded with excellent results.

  • The main part of welding aluminum, lightweight structure
  • The sealed design, the protective effect of more fully
  • Flexible automatic centering clamp patented technology, precise positioning
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, pipe for thin-wall titanium and titanium alloy welding
  • Self fluxing welding
  • The welding gun is equipped with the operating button, the torch light, suitable for on-site installation


MaterialCS, SS, TI and alloy
Tube OD(mm)Φ12.7~Φ76.2(3/4″~3″)
Rotation Speed(rpm)0.2~4
Tungsten(mm) Φ2.4
CoolingWater Cooling
Coolant Flow (ml/min)≥600
Duty Cycle75A 60%
Cable Length10 m
Weigth (Without Cable)3.5 kg
Dimension (mm)453×177×38


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