SR-17 / SR-17V / SR-17FX / SR-17FXV

SR-17 / SR-17V / SR-17FX / SR-17FXV

ABICOR BINZEL Welding Torches incorporate the high quality and technology needed for trouble-free performance whatever the welding job. All the torches have been thought through down to the last detail and guarantee exact and comfortable work.


  • Tried and trusted technology
  • Optimum torch cooling
  • Light and flexible cable assembly
  • Wearing parts compatible with international standard

Technical data according to EN 60 974-7:

Type:SR-17 / SR-17V / SR-17FX / SR-17FXV
DC:140 A
AC:125 A
Duty Cycle (%):35
Electrode Ø (mm):0.5 – 2.4


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