Protective window frame structures. Protective windows from HERR sit in a lightweight aluminum frame. They are lightweight, modular and easy to install. They offer superior comfort with a clear view to the work process. They are mainly used in the welding automation. The windows and also the curtains from HERR are available as transparent or colored design. The aluminum frame can be adapted to local conditions. A later extension is also possible.

Optimum protection against UV and IR radiation. All welding processes that radiate hazardous ultra violet (UV) and infarred (IR) radiation pose a risk to welders and near by people. The Health and Safety at Work Act stipulates that the premises, plant and systems of work must be safe and without risk to health. This includes welders and people near by ensuring that all persons are protected from dangerous forms of radiation.
HERR welding curtains, aluminum safety protection screens, sound insulating wall partitioning systems, and other protection systems conform to the DIN EN 1598 standard and offer optimal protection during welding with a risk factor < 1. HERR curtains offer protection against grinding and weld spatter to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment.

Wide range of strip curtains and screens. HERR curtains use DIN certified materials. The welding curtains are available in two formats. One style has snaps along the side that can be joined with other curtains. Another style has no snaps/fasteners. The width of the curtains are available in 1.3m (standard) and 2m (optional). They can also be customized according to customer demand, A complete size range of standard products are available. The curtains are hung on gliding C-rails or on 1 inch circular pipe with hooks. These attachments can also be used together with protection rotating screens, retractable curtains, automatic lifting systems, and automatic level mobile systems, etc.


  • Optimum protection against UV and IR radiation
  • Optimum protection against grinding and welding spatter
  • Can also be used in automated welding as access protection


  • Robust aluminum frame construction
  • Design and dimensions according to requirements
  • Easy construction
  • Available as components or as complete systems: walls, doors, sliding doors

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