HERR oil mist filters focus on removing oils and contaminants from the air in the work place environment to protect the health of employees.
HERR oil mist filter systems are divided into two classes, mechanical and electrostatic filtration systems. These two types are best way to deal with water-based or oil-based exhausts. For exhausts of varying oil content or composition, selecting the correct filters is important. Mechanical and electrostatic filters are suited to different concentrations and conditions of oil mist. HERR oil mist filter systems have modular designs that allow for rapid expansion, while the controlling costs at a minimum.

HERR’s HOFE electrostatic air filter can handle high concentrations of oil mist and dust particles in harsh environments.
Electrostatic systems are ideally suited to conditions with high concentrations of oil mist and dusts. The systems can be electrically adjusted to deal with various conditions. HOFE electrostatic exhaust systems have an adjustable high-voltage ranging from 4000-12000V. This wide range covers all smoke extraction needs. Ours experienced service engineers can assist in selecting the appropriate voltage value to your specific needs.
For large workloads or high concentrations of oil mist and dust handling, system can also be placed in “D” type configuration or double filters in series, to ensure complete air cleaning.

Electrostatic systems, like mechanical systems can be arranged to operate as single system or as large central exhaust system. The single systems are ideal for 1-5 sets of CNC processing machines. Additionally, the modular design of the oil mist filtration system allows multiple systems to be joined together. This design is ideal for multiple stations that require central exhausting facilities. The HOFE electrostatic systems are therefore convenient for many production workshops that plan on expanding or increasing work at a future date.


Extraction Volume2.000 m³/h
Motor Power0,75 kW
Power Supply380-400 V / 50 Hz
Filter Effectivity≥ 95 %
Noise Level< 68 dB(A)
Dimensions1.059 x 645 x 700 mm
Weight105 kg
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