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Oxyfuel Technology Safety Unit SIMAX 3

Oxyfuel Technology Safety Unit SIMAX 3

A safety device is absolutely necessary at every gas take-up point. Messer Cutting Systems offers you a comprehensive program to DIN EN 730-1, DIN EN 561, as well as to ISO 5175 and ISO 7289. Regardless of whether they are for a cylinder pressure regulator, as outlet for a gas supply panel or directly on a hand or machine torch, the safety devices from Messer ensure your safety. The combination of gas shut-off valve (NV), flame arrestor (FA) and thermal gas cut-off system (TV) offer you the optimum protection against flash-backs and gas reverse flow.

We would be happy to consult with you to decide together which safety units are ideal for you.

Our comprehensive product range offers you a large number of the most different safety devices. You can find these in our oxyfuel catalogue or simply speak to us directly. Have you any questions about our safety devices or would you like more information about any aspect of our product range? Contact us directly and we will reply to you as fast as possible.

  • Safety Unit DG 91 N:
    • Used on a cylinder pressure regulator
    • Optionally for Oxygen or fuel gas
    • Various connections as required
    • Operating pressure Oxygen: 15.0 bar
    • Operating pressure fuel gas: 5.0 bar
    • Flow rate Oxygen: up to 52 m³/h
    • Flow rate fuel gas: up to 19 m³/h
    • Safety elements FA, NV, TV
    • Other models: DGN and DEMAX 5
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