The telescopic suction arms from HERR are specifically designed for the extraction of welding smoke in small work areas, such as Welding schools and training centers .
The telescoping boom arm requires minimal space and provides maximum flexibility.

It consists of a frame made of two scalable metal pipes. Means mounting brackets can be easily mounted on a wall or on the wall of a HERR welding booth for later installation of the arm. The extraction arms are available in lengths of 1.5m and 2m.
Extraction length 1.5m have a telescopic range 1050-1500 mm.
Extraction length 2m have a telescopic range 1300-2000 mm.


  • Maximum flexibility with minimum space requirements
  • Particularly suitable for schools and training centers
  • Easy to position
  • Selected position remains securely fixed
  • Compatible with different suction hoods
  • Integrated throttle for setting the exhaust volume


  • Available with 1.5m and 2m length
  • Extendable / telescopic
  • Suction nozzle adjustable
  • For hanging installation

Funnel-shaped hood

  • 900212 Funnel-shaped exhaust hood, Ø170mm

Exhaust hood with light

  • 900114 Trump-shaped exhaust hood with light, Ø170mm

Exhaust hood

  •  900112 Trump-shaped exhaust hood, Ø170mm

Exhaust arm gasket

  • 900001 Exhaust arm gasket

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