The products of the MasterLiner series are setting new wire feeding standards. They are made up of individual segments, each turnable by 360°. Four small rollers in every single segment guarantee smooth wire feeding, with almost no resistance. This means – for example with laser applications – that no further wire feeders are required in addition to the master feeder, even over longer distances.

The MasterLiner system is available as MasterLiner and MasterLiner MAXI both in FLEX and HD versions. FLEX stands for flexible. This version is made up of a corrugated hose and connection system and enables a configuration of the exact required length. It can also be repaired in the field. This main advantage is saving time and money. The heavy-duty HD version is fitted with a resistant aramid-reinforced protection for extreme applications.

Arguments that speak for themselves:

  • Low friction forces
  • Long life time
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Maintenance free and the overall system is prone to little interference
  • Wire feeding over long distances and by only one wire feeder
  • Suitable for all welding processes with wire feeding, including laser welding and brazing
  • Suitable for all types of wire
  • Easy and quick assembly and exchange possible by using quick connectors

Application area:

Robot controlled MIG/MAG, TIG, PLASMA and laser welding processes

Type:MasterLiner HD
Outer Ø:30.0 mm
Wire Ø:max. 1.2 mm
Weight:approx. 400 g/m (without connections, with aramid coating)
Recommended length (max.):25.0 m
Bend radius (min.):150 mm
Flexibility/tensile strength:1.500 N
Connection:G 1/8″ and optional G 1/4″ (on request)


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