ABIPLAS® WELD 150 W / 150 W MT

ABIPLAS® WELD 150 W / 150 W MT

Plasma Welding Torches ABIPLAS® WELD

ABIPLAS® WELD – the plasma welding torch generation, economical and efficient, from ABICOR BINZEL. Thanks to their compact design ABIPLAS® WELD torches improve accessibility even on difficult component geometries. The very stable process permits spatter free welding and brazing, with high quality joint characteristics. Suitable for both manual and machine welding.

  • Extremely small size – optimal accessibility
  • Optimal cooling guarantees long life of the consumables
  • Spatter-free welding and cladding without rework and no HF ignition problems due to steady, soft arc
  • Excellent gas-shielding due to special gas lens enables working with sensitive materials

Technical data (EN 60 974-7):

Type:ABIPLAS® WELD 150 W / 150 W MT
Type of cooling:liquid cooled
Welding current:15 – 150 A
DC (%):100
Welding speed Vs (m/min):up to 4.0
Nozzle-Ø (mm):1.2 – 3.0
Required cooling capacity:1.5 KW


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