KR 16-2 F

KR 16-2 F

The KUKA KR 16-2 F is an extremely precise and versatile robot in the low payload family. This robot is a Foundry model; it has maximum scope and safety due to KUKA’s Safe Robot Technology software to help monitor safety zones. All of these attributes make the KR 16-2 KR C4 an excellent choice for most manufacturers.

KUKA robots can handle hot, fragile glass parts perfectly, making them the perfect choice for the glass industry. The KUKA KR 16-2 F KR C4 robot comes equipped with KR C4 controller. The control technology provided by KUKA gives the KR 16-2 F the ability to complete operations with ease, as well as allow it to be integrated into existing production sequences, saving space and cost.

Robot Specifications

Robot Mass:235kg
Mounting:Floor, Inverted

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