Flexlite GX guns for MIG/MAG welding are designed to increase user comfort and welding productivity. Their innovative production methods, high-quality materials and strict quality control guarantee that you can rely 100 % on your Flexlite GX welding gun.

The pistol grip handle, anatomically designed shape and excellent balance reduce wrist loading, allowing the welder to concentrate on challenging tasks to achieve the perfect weld. This has a good effect on both welding quality and productivity.

If you calculate the total cost of ownership for a Flexlite GX gun for MIG/MAG welding, you will see that it stands out for its long-life consumables, for its efficiency and good ergonomics, and that it clearly improves your overall welding productivity.

The Flexlite GX welding guns are available in alternative power classes and lengths, including different neck versions.

In Kemppi Configurator, you are able to configure the MIG welding gun package suitable for your needs.

  • Available in three value levels, each designed to serve special welding needs
  • Gas-cooled and water-cooled versions available
  • Ball-jointed cable protection reduces wrist loading
  • Removable pistol grip handle included in every product package
  • Up to 35 % lower contact tip temperature thanks to innovative gun neck structure
  • The genuine Kemppi consumables are a guarantee of a long lifetime
  • Less consumables means lower inventory costs
  • K8 level GX welding guns have optional LED work lights
  • On-torch remote controls are available for K5 and K8 level welding guns
  • Anatomically designed handle gives a firm grip
  • All models are equipped with a QR code that takes you directly to relevant information

400 A, Gas-cooled, Multineck, 3.5m or 5m, Kemppi connector

Product codeGX408GMN35 (3.5m), GX408GMN5 (5m)
Changeable neckYes
Rotating neck Yes
Pistol grip handle Yes
Type of cooling Gas
Remote controlYes
Welding process MIG/MAG
Contact tip M10x1
Wire diameters (mm) 0.8–1.6
Type of connection Kemppi
LED option Yes
Load capacity, Ar + CO2 (60%)400 A

GXR10 – gun remote

  • On-torch remote control for Flexlite GX series 5 welding guns allows accurate and immediate welding current adjustment and memory channel selection.
  • Product code: GXR10

Pistol grip handle for Flexlite GX guns

  • Standard accessory included in all Flexlite GX welding gun packages. Pistol grip handle for MIG welding guns allows a natural wrist position.
  • Product code: SP0118020

Gun necks

  • Gun neck carries the electrical current to the tip of the gun along with the shielding gas and cooling liquid. You can extend your welding gun lifetime by updating the neck.

MIG/MAG gas nozzles

  • Available as threaded or non-threaded and come in many different shapes and sizes for various applications. Available in copper material. Kemppi gas nozzles are easy to clean and change and provide better reachability for special applications (root passes, narrow gap).

Contact tips Kemppi LIFE+

  • Original Kemppi contact tips ensure optimized welding current transfer to filler wire. Kemppi LiFE+ contact tips last up to 5 times longer than standard copper tips, due to innovative alloying and hardening techniques.
  • Product code: CT10C1SD001 – CONTACT TIP 1.0 C1 STD M10 CT12C1SD001 – CONTACT TIP 1.2 C1 STD M10 CT10C1SD003 – CONTACT TIP 1.0 C1 STD M6

Contact tips

  • Original Kemppi contact tips ensure optimized welding current transfer to filler wire. Kemppi contact tips are available for all wire materials in most common wire sizes from 0.6mm up to 1.6mm. Larger diameters up to 3.2mm are also available.

Contact tip adapters

  • Copper or brass contact tip adapters are available for all genuine Kemppi contact tips.

Wire liners

  • Kemppi wire liners are strong, durable and efficient, designed to suit specific filler wire materials and applications. Most of Kemppi’s wire liners are color-coded the same way as the feed rolls in Kemppi wire feeders. This helps to select suitable material for your use. Kemppi liners support the filler wire and ensure its reliable delivery to the welding arc.

DL Chili Liner

  • Kemppi’s patented teflon liner DL Chili is a two-component plastic liner type that represents the latest solution for reliable feeding of aluminum, stainless steel, acid-resistant and solid steel filler wires. DL Chili technology reduces the surface friction between the filler wire and the liner wall, reducing drag by up to six times compared to traditional plastic.

Wire guide tubes

  • Wire guide tube guides and focuses filler wire to the gun’s wire liner when the wire moves from the wire feeder to the gun.

Neck wire liners

  • A short piece of wire liner inside gun neck, used in gas-cooled multi-neck MIG welding guns.
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