More economical, more precise and perfectly suitable for the requirements of Industry 4.0!

The EWR 2 systems use a patented function principle with an extremely fast solenoid valve to regulate the gas flow in real-time and in synchronization with the welding current. External factors such as changes in ambient temperatures, changing gas inlet, or counterpressures from the connected cable assembly can be safely compensated. In this way, the EWR 2 guarantees the savings potential and controls the gas flow more precisely than traditional gas control systems.

Advantages that speak for themselves:

  • Reduction of gas consumption, therefore reduction in operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly; CO2 emission reduced
  • Calibrated gas regulation unit
  • Active, closed gas control loop by permanent measurement of the gas flow
  • Easy handling and monitoring
  • Recalibration at the job site possible
  • Data recording possible
  • ABICOR BINZEL Service Software for standard Windows computers incl. ROI calculator for the amortization period


  • Can be used in both automated and manual welding processes
  • Easy installation on new and already existing equipment
  • Suitable for all types of gases
  • Gas inlet pressure 1 ‒ 6 bar
  • Flow range of 2 – 30 l/min
Operating voltage:24 V DC ±20 %
Media temperature:10 – 40 °C
Ambient temperature:-10 – +50 °C
Relative humidity:20 – 90 %
Flow rate range:2 – 30 l/min
Tolerance flow rate:±1 l/min
Shunt types:150 A / 300 A / 500 A
Gas inlet pressure:1 – 6 bar

All EWR 2 devices have a closed gas control loop at disposal, reducing the deviations between set and actual of gas volume current to a minimum. They are all equipped with an integrated LED display that allow easy overview of the current status and the system parameters. Settings can be done directly with the cross button. Furthermore, the system is equipped with a stereo jack that can be used to connect to a computer with installed ABICOR BINZEL service software.

  • Button ON/OFF
  • Jack connector
  • Display
  • Gas input
  • Status LED
  • Cross button for device settings
  • Gas output
  • Shunt connection
  •  Power supply
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