The BO-SF laser processing optics (from the scapacs® modular system) are designed for industrial use where a stable focal position is critically important. Its design and construction ensure a high-quality beam with minimal power loss. By using different object-to-image ratios, varying operational clearances and focus diameters are made possible. Thus, the BO-SF can be easily integrated into a variety of different applications.

How it works

Instead of using classical lenses the BO-SF shapes the beam by special mirrors. They make the issue focal shift a non-issue, as with 0,02 mm focal shift/kW-laser power this optic is effectively focal shift free. That is how your proces becomes much more stable, particularly with higher laser powers. To get even more from your process the BO-SF contains a patent pending diffraction limitation, a plus to reach your efficiency. And if after all things does not work as they should, the BO-SF does. This emergency operating feature is made possible by the mirrors, which are unsusceptible to gradual contamination and smaller weld penetrations.


  • Practically free of focus shifting, even with high power und single mode
  • Safe for operating with high-power laser output
  • Tested up to 30 kW (with YLS-30.000 from IPG Laser GmbH)
  • The system can be opened by removing the protective glass, which enables the system to be cleaned (e.g., with clean air or gas before commissioning).
  • Triple-angled (or higher) construction has restricted bending (patent pending).


  • High level of process reliability – with practically no shift
  • Higly efficient process – with very good image quality
  • Very good process stability – with a long-lasting, stable focus position
  • Minimal dependence between the focus position and contamination


Max. laser output (cw)30 kW
Measured focus shift±0,02 mm/kW | @M=1:3,1; FKoll=80 mm | 1-12 kW fibre laser
Laser suitability (acceptable round angle)For all prevalent solid-state lasers (up to 450 mrad @FKoll=80 mm)
Power loss< 2 %
Focal distances in mm (can be combined as desired – others on request)Collimation: 80, 120, 175; Focus: 175, 250, 350, 500
Fibre couplings (others on request)Trumpf-D, Trumpf-B, Optoskand QBH, Optoskand QD, IPG HLC-8, IPG LCA
  • Media coupling MEKO
  • Media coupling general application interface MEKO-GAS (HTK box)
  • Pointer with adjustable focal point
  • Pressure wheel ADR
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