Beta e90 PFA Airline

Beta e90 PFA Airline

NEW improved Beta e series welding respirators provide cool and clean breathing air, from either a PFU 210e battery powered filter unit offering optimal freedom of movement around the workspace, or a supplied breathing air solution where the airflow is regulated from the RSA 230.

Although the connection to RSA230 more tightly controls the freedom of movement to a local area, supplied air solutions suit applications where welding and shielding gases may build up displacing the breathing air.

Beta PFA/SFA/XFA welding respirator models are certified with a maximum inward leakage level of 2 % and when connected to the PFU 210e filter unit, offer the option of combined particle and gas filtration set.

  • Beta e90 PFA/SFA/XFA respirator models
  • For welding, tacking, cutting, grinding, inspection
  • Battery-powered PAPR or airline supplied models
  • XFA model features LiFE+ Color ADF technology including shades 14 and 15
  • SFA model features LiFE+ Color ADF technology including shades 9–13
  • EN 175 B, AS/NZS 1337.1, EN 12941 TH2 and AS/NZS 1716
  • Optional A1B1E1 GAS filter
  • Fast charging PAPR battery packs
  • Leather belt and metal buckle
  • Lightweight welding respirator – Beta e90 PFA with face seal weighs only 650 g
  • Comfort headband
  • Magnifying lens option

Welder’s respirator for connection to a supplied breathing air source. Package contains Beta e90 PFA welding helmet, passive welding lens, supplied air regulator RSA 230, air hose and air hose adapter for RSA 230, flow meter, leather belt with comfort padding.

Product code9873031
Weight650 g
Operating temperature– 5 … + 55 °C <80% Rh
EN 175B
Welding filterPassive
View size100 x 78 mm
Filter dimension110 x 90 mm
Shade range11
LiFE+ Color (yes/no)No
Grinding fuction (yes/no)No
Supplied air regulatorRSA 230

PFU 210e

  • Powered Filter Unit representing the highest level of filtration performance. PFU 210e is available with both Gamma GTH3 and Beta 90 SFA/XFA respirator systems. It offers selectable fan speeds of 160 lpm and 210 lpm (gas filter smart sense technology 160 lpm), battery and filter status indicators, and a choice of either standard duty or heavy-duty batteries.
  • Product code: SP011996

PFU 210e – filters

  • Following filters are available for PFU 210e respirator: Spark arrester, pre-filter, particle filter, odor filter and gas filter. For futher information regarding Kemppi filters and their ordering, please see the Safety Catalogue.

RSA 230

  • Belt mounted supplied air regulator. It enables a controlled air flow to the welder’s respirator head-top, and is supplied together with Gamma and Beta supplied air models. Features a replaceable silencer, decreasing audible airflow noise.
  • Product code: SP011617

SA 60B

  • Auto-darkening welding filter featuring large view area 100 x 60mm and LiFE+ Color ADF technology, providing greater clarity of vision. Shade adjustments: 5, 9-13.
  • Product code: SP9873064

XA 47

  • Auto-darkening welding filter featuring LiFE+ Color ADF technology that provides greater clarity of vision. Shade adjustments: 5, 8, 9-13 and 14, 15.
  • Product code: SP9873063

Leather welding bib

  • Optional integrated neck protection for Alfa and Beta e-series models. Snap buttons allow easy removal and attachment.
  • Product code: SP015177

Universal leather neck protector

  • Protecting the neck and shoulders from welding spatter and grinding, the universal leather neck protector can be used with all Kemppi personal protection equipment and the wider welding market.
  • Product code: SP015579
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