Ever looked for a basic, user-friendly tool for accurate welding data analysis? ArcInfo is an entry level software solution for recording, presenting, and analyzing data on welding parameters. It handles cost calculations, facilitates new WPS qualification tests, and brings added value to welding training and research. Illustrative, easy to understand presentations of welding values open a new perspective on welding. All in all, storing and processing welding data has never been easier.

DataCatch, ArcInfo’s device for recording the welding data, can be connected with Kemppi FastMig X, FastMig M, FastMig Pulse, or FastMig KMS welding equipment. The latest version of ArcInfo is always available for you to use.

  • Easy-to-use web-based service
  • lllustrative presentation of welding values for each weld
  • Great value for schools and workshops
  • Improves welding training and research
  • Provides factual basis for cost calculations
  • Facilitates welding procedure qualification test
  • Contains useful information on some of the most common weld defects


  • For collecting and transferring welding data to ArcInfo. The device connects easily to Kemppi FastMig welders and a laptop.
  • Product code: 6265032
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