The ALO1 is an adaptive laser optic with integrated seam tracking by meas of filler wire. The patented tactile seam tracking process with inegrated seam tracking allows the ALO1 to find the beginning of seam accurately and to guide the process precisely along the seam. Thereby are component allowances automatically balanced.

  • Light weight 1″ optic
  • Precise seam tracking by tactile sensor via filler wire
  • Laser processing head for CW laser up to 4 kW
  • Optimized optic for brazing applications
  • Robot adaption user defined
  • Parameterization via external controller
  • Integrated cross jet
  • Cover glass retainer with long jet


  • Camera and cross hair generator
  • Objective with lateral adjustment
  • Shielding gas coaxial or stinging
  • Hot wire up to 100 A or 230 A
  • Balance weight for process out of vertical position


Wave lengths900 … 1030 nm; 1064 nm, 1080 nm up to 4 kW
Reproduction ratio2.0:1 – 2.5:1 – 3.2:1 – 4.0:1 – 5.3:1
Fiber couplingTrumpf B or Typ D (LLK Auto)
LaserCW-Laser up to 4 kW
Working range height (Z)± 5 mm
Robot adaptionuser defined
  • Pointer with adjustable focal point
  • Wire feed drive DFE
  • Wire cutter 45° DAS
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