The AirVent extraction hood is available in different sizes. Through its modular design and the use of standard components, it is possible to offer a high-quality extraction hood at a fair price.

The AirVent hood is very suitable for extraction of manual and automated jobs. Gladly this hood is used in conjunction with a suction of the central filter system series 8800 for individual welding robot jobs. Also in connection with a central system series 6000 or 6100 the AirVent hoods can be used efficiently.

Several hoods, or combinations of hoods and extraction arms could be connected together to a filter system. Vepending on the version the AirVent hoods are either made of a jacketed, extremely lightweight, riveted sheet steel or aluminum or sheetmetal steel. The modules are pre-assembled in our factory so that they can be easily connected to the workplace and brought into position.

Along the edge of the exhaust hood, a vacuum is created which extracts rising smoke and dust effectively. The polluted air is guided to the center of the exhaust hood, where the connection to the pipeline is implemented. The design of the hood favoring an efficient extraction of polluted air, requires a low suction volume. The hood can be mounted on a column or be hung up on eyelets.

Depending on the working process and mounting height protective curtains can be mounted in various lengths. This protective curtain prevents workers or machines from sparks and metal splashes threaten around, against UV and IR radiation and also support the suction or dissipation of smoke and dust. AirVent hoods are available in sizes from 800mm x 800mm to 3000mm x 3000mm. To cover larger areas, several modules can be used side by side.

On request we can equip the hoods with electricity or illumination. Individual, customized solutions are possible. We design your tailormade hood!


  • Welding robot systems any brand
  • Can also be integrated into mobile robot systems (Co-moving)
  • Manual workplaces


  • Lightweight, modular design
  • High efficiency in the extraction of welding smoke
  • Easy construction
  • Effective protection of man and machine
  • Customization allowed

Funnel-shaped hood

  • 900212 Funnel-shaped exhaust hood, Ø170mm

Exhaust hood with light

  • 900114 Trump-shaped exhaust hood with light, Ø170mm

Exhaust hood

  •  900112 Trump-shaped exhaust hood, Ø170mm

Exhaust arm gasket

  • 900001 Exhaust arm gasket

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