The flexible extraction arms from HERR can be mounted standing, as well as hanging. They guarantee a simple, ergonomic and effective application. In practice, it is necessary to adjust the suction position and the angles corresponding to the welding work. The flexible boom arm features durable, built-in joints, which meet the requirements of frequent occurring pulling and pushing of the arm .

The choice of a suitable extraction hood allows the extraction arm to be adapted to local environmental conditions. Conical hoods are best suited to extract smoke from a larger area, while funnel-shaped hoods are better suited for spatially concentrated extraction. Flexible extraction arms are available in lengths of 2m, 3m and 4m.


  • Easy to position
  • Selected position remains securely fixed
  • Compatible with different suction hoods
  • Integrated throttle for setting the exhaust volume


  • Available with 2m, 3m and 4m length
  • Integrated robust parallelogram Holder
  • Rotatable suction hood
  • Available for hanging or standing installation

Exhaust hood with light

  • 900114 Trump-shaped exhaust hood with light, Ø170mm

Exhaust hood

  •  900112 Trump-shaped exhaust hood, Ø170mm

Exhaust arm gasket

  • 900001 Exhaust arm gasket

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