ABIPLAS® CUT 200 W / 200 W MT Wear parts special

ABIPLAS® CUT 200 W / 200 W MT Wear parts special

Plasma Cutting Torches ABIPLAS® CUT

Torches in the ABIPLAS® CUT series can be used for plasma cutting with compressed air as the plasma and cooling gas in all common cutting positions.

Thanks to a large selection of plasma nozzles, electrodes and accessory parts, ABICOR BINZEL plasma cutting torches are suitable for individual continual use even under the toughest of conditions. Special torches are available for automated applications.

  • Robust design and optimum cooling guarantee long torch and consumable life
  • Handle with extended trigger offering increased distance between plasma jet and hand facilitating safer and fatigue free working
  • Quickly exchangeable consumables (including insulator) – easy handling
  • Large range of consumables, equipment and accessories – for all cutting tasks

Technical data (EN 60 974-7):

Type:ABIPLAS® CUT 200 W / 200 W MT Wear parts special
Type of cooling:liquid cooled
Pilot current:15 – 27 A (max. 29 A)
Rating:160 A (at 100 % DC)
Type of gas:Compressed air
Working pressure:3.5 bar
Air value defined with nozzle size:1.8 mm
− Plasma air:approx. 21 l/min.
− Soft start air:≥ 15 l/min.
Gas post flow:≥ 20 sec.
Type of ignition:HF
Gas supply:Compressed air for plasma gas
Ignition voltage:7 kV
Cutting thickness:max. 60 mm at 160 A depending on material to be cut and power source


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