MIG/MAG Welding Torches ABIMIG® W T

Welding torches in the ABIMIG® W T series convince through higher load limits than traditional torches of the same size, because the cooling concept that was redesigned by ABICOR BINZEL protects wearing parts even better against overheating with high power consumption as well.

A spatter protector integrated in the gas nozzles makes them particularly resistant and can be replaced separately where required. In addition, the torch necks and the gas nozzle are nickel-plated, in order to reduce spatter adhesions to a minimum.

Thanks to the rotatable and exchangeable torch necks in various lengths and geometries welders can adjust the ABIMIG® W T torch exactly to their needs.

  • Long-life screw-in gas nozzles with integrated, exchangeable spatter protection
  • A single basic torch for three capacities – reduces storage and maintenance costs
  • Quick change, freely positionable torch necks – increase working comfort and reduce servicing costs
  • Torch necks available in many different lengths and bending angles – for best accessibility
  • Extended and short triggers available – for best handling
  • Tried-and-tested ergonomic grip – easy to hold in all positions

* according to DIN EN ISO 14175

  • Rated using power source with VDE standard volt/amp characteristic (U=14+0.05xl). Recommended cooling capacity of water recirculator approx. 800 W. To protect cable assembly components from excessive heat build up we recommend a post welding cooling cycle of at least four minutes.
  • Definition: T = turnable/exchangeable torch neck
  • Technical data (EN 60 974-7):


Type:ABIMIG® W T 540
CO2:600 A
Mixed gases M21*:550 A
Duty Cycle (%):100
Wire Ø (mm):1.0 – 1.6


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