Plasma Cutting Torches ABICUT

The air cooled plasma cutting torches ABICUT are particularly suitable for plasma cutting in the range 20 to 75 Amps in all cutting positions.

These cutting torches are easy to handle, guarantee optimal cut quality, have an innovative integrated trigger guard and are extremely robust and thus specially suitable for “tough” continuous use. Contact ignition reduces costs for thermal cutting and ABICOR BINZEL also offers a torch with HF ignition for higher amp ranges.

ABICUT cutting torches are compatible with all popular power sources.

  • Ergonomic designed, short handle – optimal handling
  • Inovative trigger guard – for safe operating
  • Positive trigger action – comfortable functioning
  • Robust construction and optimal cooling – long lifetime of torch and wear parts
  • Contact ignition reduces costs for thermal cutting
  • Compatible with all popular plasma cutting power sources

Technical data (EN 60 974-7):

Type:ABICUT 45
Type of cooling:air cooled
Pilot current:10 – 15 A (max. 18 A)
Rating:40 A (at 60 % DC)
Type of gas:Compressed air
Gas flow:approx. 119 l/min.
Working pressure:5 bar
Air value defined with nozzle size:0.8 mm
− Plasma air:approx. 15.5 l/min.
− Soft start air:
Gas post flow:≥ 60 sec.
Type of ignition:Contact
Gas supply:Compressed air both for plasma and cooling gas
Ignition voltage:
Cutting thickness:10 mm at 40 A depending on material to be cut and power source


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