ABI-CAR 1000

ABI-CAR 1000

ABI-CAR welding tractors

  • are no high investment
  • increase productivity and quality
  • can be easily operated
  • enable reliable reproducibility of the weld seam
  • are a relief for the welder
  • can be used with almost any manual or automatic torch

ABI-CAR welding tractors at a glance:

  • Easy integration Easy and inexpensive connection to all standard hand welding devices
  • Optimal seam quality Consistently high quality welding results even with long parts
  • Higher productivity Constantly high welding speed and uninterrupted welding
  • Easy handling Simply clamp the welding torch and start welding
  • Improved ergonomics Reduced physical strain and thus times absent
  • Premium quality Tractors and accessories meet the high ABICOR BINZEL quality standards

Welding tractor ABI-CAR 1000 ­– the reliable entry-level model with no frills

Robust and versatile welding tractor as an entry-level model for simple applications. Its features:

  • Simple operation by setting the travel speed up to 1000 mm/min using the rotary potentiometer
  • 4-axis torch adjustment enables the torch to be positioned flexibly before starting – two axes can be adjusted while travelling – suitable for torch necks up to 25 mm in diameter
  • Practical additional functions such as auto start/stop, manually controllable end crater filling for power sources with 4-stroke control
  • Open connection to the wire feed case, which can be individually adjusted
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