DT400 Wire feeder

DT400 Wire feeder

KempArc Pulse is a modular pulsed MIG/MAG welding automation system that offers productivity, flexibility, and much more. By combining the reliable and consistent weld quality of robotic welding with the excellent arc characteristics and fast communication of KempArc Pulse, you are able to boost your production to a whole new level. In addition, you are able to unlock the full potential of Kemppi Wise welding processes for automated welding. They offer additional productivity boost in thin sheet as well as in heavy duty applications.

KempArc Pulse is available both in analogue and digital models for integration with different robotic control systems.

  • Robot interface integrated in the power source
  • Compatible with Kemppi Wise welding functions and processes
  • Fast fieldbus-based communication guarantees integration with all common robot brands
  • Available in digital and analogue models for varied integration possibilities
  • Compact and lightweight wire drive mechanism
  • Remote control options bring flexibility

Wire feeder for automated welding with a reliable 4-roll wire feed mechanism and full metal feed rolls. DT400 can be mounted on the back of the robot arm or integrated with any mechanized welding system.

Product code6203400 / 6203400L
Rated power 100 W
Filler wires0.8…1.6 mm
Wire feed speed0…25 m/min
Operating voltage50 VDC
Operating temperature range-20…+40 °C
Degree of protectionn IP23S
External dimensions LxWxH269 x 175 x 169 mm
EMC classA
Weight4.5 kg
Loadability40°C 100%ED 500 A
Welding gun connectorEuro

KempCool 10

  • Cooling unit suitable for use with Kemppi KempArc welding equipment. KempCool 10 performs 1 kW of cooling power with a three liter tank that can be filled with 20%-40% ethanol/water mixture, or any other suitable antifreeze agent.
  • Product code: 6208100 Cooling liquid – 10 liter can – SP9810765

Stand for power source

  • For easy transport and keeping floor free under welder.
  • Product code: 6185295

Wire Feed Roll Kit

  • Product code: See technical specifications

Robot interface cards

  • Fieldbus commnucation between power source and robot controller is enabled with modules. The protocol can be chosen based on customer preference. Modules are placed inside the KempArc robot interface chassis.
  • Product code: See technical specifications

Interconnection cables for KempArc

  • The interconnection cable set contains several cables and hoses. The cable set is used for delivering the welding power, shielding gas, cooling liquid, and control signals from the welding power source to the wire feeder. Interconnection cable sets are available in zipper bags or in corrugated sleeves.
  • Product code: See technical specifications

Interconnection cable brackets

  • Product code: See technical specifications

Earth return cable 70

  • Product code: 6184711 (5 m, 70 mm2), 6184712 (10 m, 70 mm2), 6184713 (15 m, 70 mm2)

Wire conduit for wire spools

  • High quality wire conduit delivers the filler wire smoothly from wire spool to wire feeder. Male connectors on both ends fit to Kemppi feeder and Kemppi wire spool support. Order codes does not include female snap connector for wire spool holder or wire drum. It must be ordered separately. In case of stainless steel or aluminium, a separate chili liner is also required.
  • Product code: See technical specifications

Wire conduit for wire drums

  • Alternative solution for wire conduit when distance between wire feeeder and wire drum is greater than 5 meters. NOTE: When ordering W005195 with the desired length, you also need snap connectors: two male (W005197) and one female (W005189).
  • Product code: See technical specifications

Snap connector for wire conduit (male)

  • Male connector for wire conduit, two pieces needed per conduit.
  • Product code: W005197 – two pieces needed per conduit

Snap connector for drum or spool holder (female)

  • Female connector for the wire drum or spool holder.
  • Product code: W005189

Wire spool holder

  • Suitable for standard 15 kg wire coil. NOTE: Female connector for wire conduit not included. Must be ordered separately.
  • Product code: W007628 (right), W007629 (left)

Protective cover for wire spool

  • Plastic cover for wire spool holder.
  • Product code: SP007940

Floor stand for wire spool holder

  • Floor stand for wire spool holder.
  • Product code: W007356

Wire feeder mounting brackets

  • Brackets for mounting the wire feeder on the robot’s 3rd axis. The design is robot model specific. Order code includes metal plates. Insulation rings and Screws are not included if order code begins with W.
  • Product code: See technical specifications

Welding gun cleaning station

  • Regular mechanical cleaning of the internal surfaces of the gas nozzle provides steady and good shielding gas flow for welding. Helps to avoid spatter to form electrical connection bridges between contact tip and the gas nozzle.
  • Product code: SP600674 Equipped with wire cutter, gas nozzle inside reamer and anti-spatter spray unit; order code includes reamer setup for both gas and water cooled nozzles.

MXF SYNC mounting kit KempArc Pulse

  • Enables the use of push-pull torches.
  • Product code: W005377

KempArc Browser Pulse

  • Additional module incorporated in robot interface that enables parameter setup and control through a web user interface. Suitable for use with KempArc Pulse automated welding equipment.
  • Product code: 6202200

KF 62 remote panel

  • Offers remote welding control for KempArc Pulse power source.
  • Product code: 6200800

Gas flow kit

  • Monitors minimum limit of gas flow
  • Product code: SP6004
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