WisePenetration optimized welding function is designed to keep welding current and thus penetration invariable regardless of the changes in stick-out length in manual welding.

Normally in MIG/MAG welding the power to the weld pool is changing as the welder or weld piece dictates the distance between the joint and welding gun nozzle. These deviations may result in quality issues such as lack of fusion, incomplete or inconsistent penetration, changes in weld profile and of course welding spatter.

WisePenetration solves these issues and reduces the need for post-grinding and repair work. The function prevents the current from dropping down by actively adjusting wire feeding. This helps to keep the weld mechanical properties on a desired level and prevents welding defects. The user sets the wished current level, and with the help of WisePenetration, the current level does not drop below this level when stick-out length increases.

WisePenetration welding function is available for ferritic synergic MAG welding programs. WisePenetration  is an optional software product for Kemppi FastMig M, and FastMig X welding equipment, but featured as standard in FastMig X Intelligent setup.

  • Ensured penetration even in case of:
    • Narrow structures where visibility of the arc is a problem
    • Limited visibility or accessibility
    • Position welding
    • Difficult-to-weld joints

A welding function for ensured penetration in synergic MIG/MAG welding. Delivers constant power to the weld pool regardless of changes in welding gun orientation or distance between the welding gun and work piece.

Product code9991000 (FastMig M, FastMigX) A7500001 (A7 MIG Welder)
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