WFX 200 P Ss Wire feeder

WFX 200 P Ss Wire feeder

Kemppi’s FastMig X product series offers highly specialized welding solutions and superior welding quality for demanding industrial applications. It features three alternative high-end configuration recommentations for three different purposes: FastMig X Regular for robust workshop use a MIG/MAG pulse welding, mainly for welding thick plates, FastMig X Pipe for pipe and root welding and FastMig X Intelligent for demanding welding applications, for all metals and processes, including welding of thin sheets.

All configurations are equipped with either the FastMig X 350 or the FastMig X 450 power source, which is a multi-process CC/CV power source that is ideal for synergic and pulsed MIG/MAG welding, MMA welding, and TIG welding. Used in configuration with WFX wire feeders, they form a welding system that easily meets every welding need and the quality management requirements of any metal fabrication workshop. Additionally, all three configurations come with the Cool X cooling unit.

  • Multi-process power solution: MIG, 1-MIG, pulsed MIG, MMA, and TIG
  • Arc Mobile Control brings flexible way to use and control the welding machine
  • WiseRoot+ for optimized root welding
  • WiseThin + for optimized sheet and position welding: Mixed gas quality with lower cost CO2 shielding gas
  • Precise arc voltage function measures and shows the actual arc voltage on the display
  • Save time by combining two wire feeders on the same power sourcefor alternative filler wires
  • SuperSnake subfeeder connectivity for maximum reach

For stainless steel pipe welding with Ø 200 mm wire spools. Strong double-skin plastic casing with a reliable DuraTorque wire feed mechanism. Built-in arc voltage measurement.

Product code6103522
Output 60% ED520 A
Output 100% ED440 A
Wire feed mechanism4 roll
Gun connectionEuro
Filler wire sizes (Ss)0.6 – 1.6 mm
Filler wire sizes (Al)0.8 – 2.4 mm
Filler wire sizes (Fe)0.6 – 1.6 mm
Filler wire sizes (Cored wire)0.8 – 2.0 mm
Wire feed speed1 – 25 m/min
SoftwareWiseFusion WiseRoot+ MatchLog Pipe Stainless pack Ss (17pcs)
Operating temperature range-20…+40 °C
External dimensions LxWxH510 × 200 × 310 mm
Degree of protectionIP23S
StandardsIEC 60974-5
Wire spool weight, max.5 kg
Weight (empty)9.4 kg
Wire spool diameter, max.200 mm

Cool X Cooling unit

  • Cool X cooling unit for liquid-cooled setups is the ultimate choice providing 1 kW of cooling power with 3 liters of cooling liquid.
  • Product code: 6068200 Cooling liquid – 10 liter can – SP9810765

Flexlite GX 

  • Flexlite GX product series contains welding guns to be used in MIG/MAG welding processes. All Flexlite GX welding guns enjoy the Flexlite features for user comfort, welding efficiency and extended consumable parts life.

SuperSnake GT02S/GT02SW – subfeeder 

  • An innovative and award-winning subfeeder that offers wire feed assist you can count on. Extends regular reach with up to 25 meters. Compatible with Kemppi FastMig and Pro welding equipment and standard Euro MIG welding guns.

Earth return cable 5 m, 50 mm²

  • Product code: 6184511

Earth return cable 5 m, 70 mm²

  • Product code: 6184711

Cable for Stick (MMA) welding 5 m, 70 mm²

  • Product code: 6184701

Cable for Stick (MMA) welding 5 m, 50 mm²

  • Product code: 6184501

Remote control extension cable 10 m

  • Product code: 6185481

ARC Mobile Control

  • For the first time in welding history, you can now control and monitor your welding machine wirelessly via a smartphone or tablet computer.
  • Download the app from Google Play.

KWF 200/300 cabinet heater

  • The cabinet heater maintains a temperature level inside the wire feed cabinet for conditions where the ambient temperature cycles up and down. This unit is suitable for MXF 63, 65, 67, MXP 37 PIPE, and MXP 38.
  • Product code: 6185288

GH 30 Gun holder

  • GH 30 Gun holder increases the usability around the workshop. The gun holder can be mounted on a welding machine, transport unit, or welding table.
  • Product code: 6256030


  • Kemppi DataGun is a programming device that is used together with Kemppi DataStore online shop to purchase and install welding software and upgrades to your Kemppi welding machines.

GXR10 – gun remote

  • On-torch remote control for Flexlite GX series 5 welding guns allows accurate and immediate welding current adjustment and memory channel selection.
  • Product code: GXR10

Remote control R30

  • Suitable for use with Kemppi FastMig X and FastMig M with MXF wire feeder. Available in 5 m and 10 m. Increase welding quality, work efficiency, comfort, and safety with appropriate, easy-to-use Kemppi remote controls.
  • Product code: R30, 5 m – 6185420 R30, 10 m – 618542001

Remote X 37 control panel

  • Product code: 6103800

FASTMIG X 70-1.8-GH interconnection air-cooled cable, 1.8 m

  • Product code: 6260468

FASTMIG X 70-5-GH interconnection air-cooled cable, 5 m

  • Product code: 6260469

FASTMIG X 70-10-GH interconnection air-cooled cable, 10 m

  • Product code: 6260470

FASTMIG X 70-20-GH interconnection air-cooled cable, 20 m

  • Product code: 6260471

FASTMIG X 70-30-GH interconnection air-cooled cable, 30 m

  • Product code: 6260472

FASTMIG X 70-1.8-WH interconnection liquid-cooled cable, 1.8 m

  • Product code: 6260473

FASTMIG X 70-5-WH interconnection liquid-cooled cable, 5 m

  • Product code: 6260474

FASTMIG X 70-10-WH interconnection liquid-cooled cable, 10 m

  • Product code: 6260475

FASTMIG X 70-20-WH interconnection liquid-cooled cable, 20 m

  • Product code: 6260476

FASTMIG X 70-30-WH interconnection liquid-cooled cable, 30 m

  • Product code: 6260477

Magnetic clamp (earth return cable)

  • 600 A
  • Product code: 9871570

Magnetic clamp (voltage sensing cable)

  • 200 A
  • Product code: 9871580


  • MatchLog includes Minilog and MatchChannel activation in WFX feeders (Minilog can be used only with MXF feeders). MatchChannel allows changing of the memory channel during welding and Minilog enables to change welding power in the same memory channel.
  • Product code: 9991017

KV 200

  • The KV 200 mounting plate for two wire feeders.
  • This unit is suitable for MXF 63, 65, 67, MXP 37 PIPE, MXP 38, and ArcFeed.
  • Product code: 6185249


  • The PM500 is a 4-wheel transport unit suitable for FastMig M and the FastMig X series as well as for KempArc.
  • Product code: 6185291


  • Suitable for FastMig MXF65, MXF67, WFX 300, and WFX 300 AMC.
  • The P501 is a transport unit for wire feeders and compact power sources.
  • Product code: 6185269

KFH 1000

  • KFH 1000 is a movable option for hanging cables. This solution helps to create more versatile work spaces around the workshop.
  • This unit is suitable for MXF 63, 65, 67, MXP 37 PIPE, MXP 38, WFX 200, 200 P, 200 AMC WFX 300, 300 P, 300 AMC and ArcFeed.
  • Product code: 6185100

T 10

  • Suitable for FastMig M and FastMig X (T10 installation set W002085).
  • Product code: 6185231

Boom WP 6000

  • Articulated boom “WP 6000” holds one wire feeder and creates a semicircular working area of 6 meters in radius. The boom folds in the middle and rotates 180 degrees, making it possible to reach the areas close to the wall, unlike with telescopic booms. The maximum load is 50 kg.
  • For suspension, a suitable Kemppi wire feeder hanger must be used: X8 Wire Feeder: X8702040000, WFX 300: 6185100, MFX 63: 6185285, MXF 65: W001694.

Digital Connectivity Module

  • An accessory device that enables integration with WeldEye cloud service. Collects welding data from the power source and transfers it wirelessly to the WeldEye mobile app via Bluetooth. Connection might require an adapter depending on the welding machine model.
  • Product code: 6265051


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