The sound-absorbing walls from HERR consist of easy to build modular frame construction. They can be adapted to local conditions and flexibly expanded as required. The partition walls are also extremely stable and allow the installation of exhaust pipes on the intermediate walls.
Welding protection and sound insulating booths

It is advisable to coordinate during the planning phase filter system and workplace design.
HERR helps to make your workplaces more efficiently. Depending on the planned number of workplaces and the expected utilization can e.g. reduce energy costs effectively through the use of a frequency-controlled filter system. You might also want to plan for future growth?
HERR can assist in the design of future-proof filter system.


Welding booth complete system

Welding booths can be furnished with HERR telescopic exhaust arms, HERR welding tables, arms, and grinding tables are all available in multiple sizes. Electrical outlets and gas supply lines can be easily fixed to the wall panels.


Sliding rail doors or strip curtains

Sliding rail doors can be used with the wall partitioning system. They provide a convenient method to observe the inside activities of the booth, yet still shield the passerby workers from bright welding flashes and arcs. Curtains and rigid screens can also be integrated together.


Soundreducing wall elements

Perforated, sound reduction wall plates are available in size 1,000 x 1,000 x 50mm. Both sides of the wall are finely perforated to facilitate sound dampening. Between the wall is sound absorbing, compressed, glass wool material (conforms to regulation DIN 4102) All parts are powder paint-coated with UV resistant paint.


Modular & complete: booths from HERR

Modular design, perfectly matched to your application. Excellent quality at a fair price.


Components and complete systems

As a professional manufacturer of environmental protection systems, HERR can provide you with a set of workplace design drawings. In addition to workplace wall partitioning systems, we also provide professional dust cleaning and exhaust systems. Welding suction arms, exhaust hoods, downdraft exhaust cutting tables, as well as automatic monitoring systems.

HERR offers a complete system consisting of:

  • Sound-absorbing walls
  • Protective curtains and windows
  • A central filter system
  • Automatic Pressure Sensor / frequency converter control
  • Automatically opening and closing valves and flaps
  • Extraction, hoods for welding or plasma cutting
  • Cutting tables, grinding tables with integrated suction
  • Pipelines

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