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Universal WPS for MIG/MAG welding

Universal WPS for MIG/MAG welding

The ultimate choice – Universal WPSs for MIG/MAG welding in workshops. This comprehensive online package contains 84 MIG/MAG welding procedure specifications compatible with all MIG/MAG welding machines. They are also valid when impact-strength requirements apply and cover some of the most used solid, metal-cored, and flux-cored wires. Group M21 shielding gases (according to the ISO 14175 standard) are to be used with the standard WPSs. Kemppi’s standard WPSs may not cover some special applications, such as fillet welds that are subject to transverse stress.

You will be delivered a registration key that provides you with access to Kemppi WPS Administration site where you can see your WPS documents and the WPQR documents associated with them. You can save the documents for yourself or print them.

You can buy the WPS for MIG/MAG welding online package (product code: 6800003) directly from Kemppi dealers and distributors.

  • Savings in time and money
  • No need to acquire special expertise
  • All WPSs are suitable for all welding machine brands adhering to the standards ISO 15612 and ISO 15614
  • The WPSs are also valid when impact-strength requirements apply
  • The WPSs for MIG/MAG welding offer practical information on welding positions
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