TS 200 DS/CF

TS 200 DS/CF

The engine-driven welder TS-200 DS/CF is a lightweight machine without electronics: the welding current is adjusted by changing the rpm of the engine.

Equipped with a YANMAR L100N diesel engine with electrical start-up and an asynchronous alternator, it can be used as a welder or as a three-phase and single-phase electrical generator up to 6 kVA.

The welding current is continuous and has two welding scales (20-100A / 90-190A) that are selectable by connecting to two different welding sockets. You can weld with electrodes up to 4 mm in diameter.

An engine-driven welder suitable for a wide range of uses from maintenance to site welding and pipe fabrication.


Model:Yanmar L 100 NYanmar L 100 N
Output:6.5 kW (8.8 HP)6.5 kW (8.8 HP)
Cylinders / Displacement:1/ 435 cm31/ 435 cm3
Speed:3000 rpm3000 rpm


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