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Arc Energy Control, even working in a long distance with the self adaptive Arc Force. Guarantees stable and constant arc in all positions

Excellent Arc Characteristics Easy arc starting, less spatter, stable current and great welding result

Excellent Performance, can use various kind of electrode such as acid, basic electrode, and fit for cellulose electrode welding with high quality weld seam appearance

Simple Functio,with potentiometer control, welding current and voltage digitally displayed, other trims for monitor the Arc Force and Hot Start to suit your welding style and local condition for perfect result


Specifications THERMA ARC 300
Input Power Voltage – Frequency 380 V (3 Phase) ± 15%-50/60 Hz
Rated Input Power Capacity 11 KVA
Rated Output 8.6
Welding Current Adjustment Range 20 – 300 A
Arc-force Adjustment Range 0 – 140 A
No-load Voltage 65 V
Arc Starting Current Adjustment Range 50 – 320 A
Arc Starting Time 70 – 300 mS Optimal
Rated Duty Cycle 60%
Dimensions (L x W x H) 540 x 275 x 510 mm
Weight 20 Kg
Protection Class IP 21
Order # 2085.11.400


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