With just a few settings the new plasma cutting units of the Smart Focus series achieve excellent results in the cutting range from 1 to 100 mm. Even under challenging conditions highest cutting quality and speed are realised. In such cases we use our well-proven cutting technologies, e.g. Contour Cut for cutting mild steel. The optimised gas control units and torches protect the consumables, reduce the gas consumption and, thus, the costs per cutting metre. As a further development of the Contour Cut technology the new Silent Cut technology reduces the sound pressure level by up to 15 dB(A) during cutting with currents between 60 and 160 A

*Other voltages and frequencies available upon request.

Power sourceSmart Focus 400
Mains voltage*:3x 400 V, 50 Hz
Cutting current:35 – 400 A
Marking current:10 – 50 A
Duty cycle:100 %
Cutting range
Maximum:100 mm
Recommended:1 – 70 mm

Stainless steel 70 mm

Mild steel 60 mm

Piercing:50 mm
Plasma gases:O2, Ar / H2, N2, Air
Piercing:Ar, N2
Dimensions (L x W x H):1030 x 680 x 1450 mm
Weight:563 kg
Plasma machine torch:PerCut 4000
Quick change head:PerCut 4000


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