A slide-rail extraction is used when the welding work require precise but linear flexible extraction. The slide-rail extraction consists of an aluminum channel with inlaid rubber lips, a sliding carriage with mounted fitting, exhaust arm and extraction hood. The channel is connected to a fan.

The sliding carriage is guided vertically or horizontally across the aluminum extraction channel. The connector is mounted between the rubber lips of the channel. By the resulting vacuum during suction the fitted in the suction rubber lips pull together. The channel is closed thereby. The connector pushes apart the rubber lips and creates a gap, thereby the polluted air is sucked through the exhaust arm into the rail channel.

The polluted air is passed through the channel and via a pipe system into a filter. The combination of linear movable carriage and a flexible exhaust arm guarantees an efficient, precise extraction along a straight line.


  • Suitable for manual jobs and for robot systems with exhaust hood
  • Maximum working radius or workspace
  • Compatible with different suction hoods
  • Integrated throttle for setting the exhaust volume


  • Dimensions as required
  • Suction hood rotatable
  • Robust suction vehicle, optionally with rotary joint

Funnel-shaped hood

  • 900212 Funnel-shaped exhaust hood, Ø170mm

Exhaust hood with light

  • 900114 Trump-shaped exhaust hood with light, Ø170mm

Exhaust hood

  •  900112 Trump-shaped exhaust hood, Ø170mm

Exhaust arm gasket

  • 900001 Exhaust arm gasket

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